Im YoonA: “I do sometimes think that I’m pretty…Love the nickname ‘Yoong'”

Im YoonA talked about herself on VLIVE’s “Actor&Chatter”.

On VLIVE’s “Actor&Chatter” which aired at 9 p.m. on July 22th, YoonA has had a fun chit chat with the interviewer.

Im YoonA: "I do sometimes think that I'm pretty...Love the nickname 'Yoong'"

MC Park Kyung-rim told YoonA, “There’s a nickname of yours called “YoonProdite”. Do you admit that you are a symbol of beauty?” Saying no, YoonA said that she would “live modestly”, drawing laughter from everyone. Park Kyung-rim then asked, “What do you think of when you look in the mirror?”. YoonA answered, “Sometimes I do think that I’m pretty. Sometimes I just want to put makeup on ASAP.”

As for the nickname “Yoong” which fans often call her by, YoonA has expressed her love for that nickname. She said that many people around her called her that, and she felt some kind of warmth from that name. This shows YoonA’s warm love for her fans.

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