“I’m sorry I’m late to know” BTS Jimin Appreciates Vietnamese Fans’ Song Released 10 Months Ago

BTS Jimin thanked his fans for making a dedicated fan song titled ‘sarang’ through the fan community Weverse on the 10th.

"I'm sorry I'm late to know" BTS Jimin Appreciates Vietnamese Fans' Song Released 10 Months Ago

Jimin said, “I’m sorry I’m late to know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” with the photos capturing the fans’ song video.

Sarang‘ is an animation created by Vietnamese fans on Jimin‘s 26th birthday last year (October 13). It’s also an MV containing touching moments of Jimin on stage and fans’ birthday support.

At the time of its release, its mellow melody and its Korean lyrics showing their love for Jimin were the only work “for Jimin, because of Jimin” in the world that touches the hearts and induces the tears of chartered fans.

Sarang‘ has emerged as a hot topic since the limited online fan meeting of 200 fans held on the 9th.

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At the fan meeting, a fan asked, “Vietnamese ARMY made a song called ‘Sarang‘ on Jimin’s birthday, do you know it?” Jimin replied, “I will definitely look it up afterward,” and the next day, he certified it with thanks through Weverse Post.

The worldwide fans exploded with emotion at the song touching Jimin 10 months after its release.

The fans response enthusiasticly: “I really wanted Jimin to know it, I’m so happy,” “I’m crying at the beautiful love of idols and fans,” “A superstar who touches people’s hearts by always expressing that he knows his fans’ love,” and “I wanna be a fan like in the lyrics.”

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Vietnamese fans who produced ‘Sarang‘ also responded to Jimin with the Twitter hashtag #ThankyouJimin, and ‘Sarang‘ became the keyword top the second most popular Twitter trend in Vietnam.

Starting with Jimin‘s past interview narration, “We are all in different parts of the world, in different environments and circumstances, but at this moment I hope we can all give each other a warm pat on the back and say, ‘It’s OK,'” the video is full of love, faith and shows fans’ support for Jimin in the past eight years.

In addition, ‘Calico cat,’ which symbolizes Jimin and his fans, appeared in the animation, added emotion to the fairytale-like creative video. The number of views has been soaring since Jimin’s post.

On the other hand, the Vietnamese fanbase LIVE FOR JIMIN‘S VOCAL, which produced ‘Love,’ is preparing a mini-album fan song to celebrate Jimin’s birthday this year, raising expectations from fans.

"I'm sorry I'm late to know" BTS Jimin Appreciates Vietnamese Fans' Song Released 10 Months Ago
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