“I’ll correct the press report and the obstetrics and gynecology’s diagnosis,” said Goo Ha-ra’s exboyfriend to the police

Goo Ha-ra’s exboyfriend, who can be temporarily called A, appeared at the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul at 9 p.m. on September 17th, saying: “I decided to attend a police investigation to correct the facts of the report and the obstetrics and gynecology’s diagnosis.

Regarding the suspicion that he assaulted Goo Ha-ra first, a legal representative said: “We will inform the results after the investigation is done.

Previously, Goo Ha-ra’s boyfriend, A, reported to the police that he had been assaulted by his girlfriend on September 13th. Although Guhara insisted on two-side assaults, he revealed the wound and refuted it.

The boyfriend of Goo Ha-ra is a famous hairdresser working at a hair salon in Gangnam. The two started their relationship after appearing together in a JTBC4’s show called “My Mad Beauty Diary”. He is also famous for having nickname “Yoo Ah In of Cheongdam-dong”.

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