iKON’s tearful 1st concert without B.I

The members couldn’t hole their tears during songs like “Wait For Me”, “Don’t Forget”,…

On July 27th, iKON started their Japan tour called “iKON Japan Tour 2019” with the first destination being Fukuoka. This venue is in the center of attention because this would be the first performance of iKON after B.I left the group in June.

Last night, the iKON members have shared their thoughts on stage, however, they had to avoid mentioning the absence of their former leader B.I. Jinhwan said he hoped fans will still support iKON and overcome this hard time together: “Sorry for all the worries us iKON have given you guys. We are trying our best, so we hope that you can support us”.

Bobby followed: “I want to express my feelings for you guys to understand, but I have to follow the script. Thank you for coming. We will be a cool iKON that you guys can be proud of.”

Fans did a fanchant with “Kim Han Bin” (B.I’s real name) during the “Killing Me” stage.

During the stage for “Wait For Me” or “Don’t Forget”, iKON couldn’t hold back their tears anymore. Even a strong member like Bobby has shed tears. According to fanaccounts, the atmosphere was still energetic but not as fiery as the previous concerts of iKON. Some parts of B.I was cut, some was performed by Bobby.

iKON’s tearful 1st concert without B.I
iKON members were in very deep emotion last night.

iKONJapanTour2019_FukuokaD1 was in the global top treding on Twitter last night. The iKONIC community has left many encouraging notes towards the group. Many fans have said that they couldn’t hold back their tears seeing iKON on stage without B.I. Thousand of fans at the live concert also bursted in tears after hearing the members’ thought.

Some are saying that this Japan tour should be canceled. They exposed that YG is abusing iKON’s mental condition. The members’ mental condition are currently unstable, which means YG needs to give them more time to adjust to the new situation instead of forcing them to continue the tour. “We don’t care whether the ticket fee is returned or not. What’s important is that iKON seemed extremely depressed and forced. We are hurt seeing them performing in such a terrible condition”, one fan said on Twitter.

Today, iKON will continue the 2nd night in Fukuoka as a part of their tour. This Japan tour will continue to September.

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