iKON, Seventeen make fans feel secondhand embarrassment at the ISAC 2019 sports festival

A series of idol funny moments in today’s event brought a lot of laughter to the fans.

This year is the first time iKON attended an idol sports festival. The members laughed out loud when they saw B.I step on the oath podium with Tzuyu (Twice) and Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO).
Fans wondered if it was due to the 4-hour concert yesterday, but today the iKON guys have just stood for 3 minutes … yet they have already breathed heavily.

The expression like just won a gold medal at Jun Hoe’s Olympics.
Min Gyu (Seventeen) and the moment of lying down on the floor, her eyes looked far away as if to say “Get me out of this place”.
It’s the sports competition with the main criterion, however, Ji Hoon (Seventeen) did not bother wearing shoes but carried indoor slippers to the stadium.
And this is NCT 127. “Your visuals are still great even though this blue velvet suit makes you no different from a deep flock,” the fan commented.
Yuta (NCT) “quickly defeated and destroyed” Ji Hoon (Seventeen) with a cool shot like other professional players.
Moon Bin (ASTRO) prepared and kicked off the golf competition.
Sakura (IZONE) looks at the hotdogs that Seventeen fans had and it was so delicious … please give her one. Her begging screen has reached the Twitter top trend right after that.
Besides the idol’s funny moments, there are still moments of fan filled with hearts like this. The interaction of Cha Eun Woo and Tzuyu made the fans comment to look like the main couple in the love story.

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