iKON is the only exception in the war between Mnet and YG

While everyone thought there would be no chance for YG artists to receive a MAMA award but “LOVE SCENARIO” is to well-deserved that MAMA was forced to give an award to iKON.

On the night of Dec 14th, the final awards ceremony of MAMA 2018 has officially happened in Hong Kong. Missing a lot of big names from SM and YG but the line-up was still very extravagant: BTSTWICE, Wanna One, GOT7, SEVENTEEN, MOMOLAND, WJSN, OH MY GIRL, IZ*ONERoy Kim, ChungHa, Heize, Sunmi, BewhY, Tiger JK & Yoon Mi Rae

And as everybody silently acknowledges, netizens were so sure that SM and YG artists wouldn’t receive any awards this year due to their not coming to the show. However, fans were surprised when iKON with their big hit “LOVE SCENARIO” was presented as one of the winners at MAMA.

Maybe MAMA was guilty for eliminating such a well-deserved song such as “LOVE SCENARIO” from the category of “Song of the year”. Instead, MAMA gave iKON the “Best vocal performance” as a small comfort.

iKON is the only exception between the war of YG and MAMA when they receive the “Best Vocal Performance” award.

This year daesang “Song of the year” was dubbed as the “Love Battle”. While “LOVE SCENARIO” of iKON and “Fake Love”  of BTScontinously dominated every chart, MAMA surprised fans with their decision by giving “Song of the year” to “What Is Love” by TWICE.

Many think that “What Is Love” is also a well-deserved track but comparing to the other “love” tracks, the potential was not as strong. But the award has already been presented, there’s nothing more anyone could do.

Surpassing “LOVE SCENARIO”…

…and”Fake Love”…

…the weakest opponent “What Is Love” surprisingly win the award “Song of the year” at MAMA 2018.

Source: kenh14

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