iKON hasn’t made a comeback yet YG already released Rosé’s teaser: Fans got mixed reactions

This is not the first time that YG has released Rosé’s solo teaser at the same time as iKON’s comeback

 It is not uncommon for artists under the same company to have a comeback “clash”.  But lately, iKON fans cannot help wondering why YG has constantly arranged the male group’s comeback and Rosé’s solo debut to concide.  At 22:00 on March 1, YG simultaneously uploaded iKON’s comeback teaser poster and Rosé’s solo teaser.  This immediately caused controversy between the two fandoms.

Rosé's teaser before iKON comeback

 While only 1 day left until iKON’s comeback, YG suddenly released the information on Rosé’s official debut date.  Although a solo debut was already teased in a previous trailer, iKONIC – iKON’s fan could not help but be dissatisfied when both times YG uploaded Rosé’s teasers are related to iKON’s activities.  Before that was Rosé’s clash with Bobby.

 Specifically, YG used to be criticized for not promoting Bobby’s solo product.  The second full album, titled Lucky Man, is Bobby’s first solo comeback after 3 years and 4 months of his hard work.  Not only promoting improperly for Bobby’s album, YG also released a solo teaser of another YG idol, Rosé, just a few hours after the release of Lucky Man’s album with U MAD MV. These 2 coincidences have made fans “furious”:

 – iKON has not yet made a comeback but they hastily released Rosé’s poster. Cut it down, YG.

 – Was it coincidence or intentional? iKON is like a stepchild to YG.

 – Please promote iKON properly!

 – YG is making the fandoms of two groups lose their unity.

 Besides, after the information about Rosé’s debut date got released , many YG fans reacted positively and are extremely looking forward to the interaction between Rosé and iKON.  In particular, the rookie TREASURE member Jihoon has just taken on the MC role on Inkigayo and Yoon (WINNER) is also expected to solo debut in March. The YG Family’s reunion on the music stages is highly anticipated.

Sources: kenh14

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