iKON Bobby showed on a live broadcast for the first time following the announcement of his marriage

iKON Bobby’s first appearance on a live broadcast after his sudden marriage… No mention of his child’s birth, “I will communicate with you more”

On September 15, iKON did a group live broadcast to celebrate their 6th debut anniversary on their official VLIVE channel under the title “iKON has turned 6 years old”. In particular, this was Bobby’s first official activity after he announced his marriage and his wife’s pregnancy.


During the 46-minute live, Bobby played some games with iKON members, such as guessing objects in the box or a telepathy game. He also smiled brightly and applauded to celebrate the 6th anniversary of iKON’s debut with his members.

In the middle of the broadcast, Bobby told his fans: “It’s already been 6 years. During that 6 years, I have done a lot of things, but I’m still wondering if I could have done more for you. I should have met you and communicate with you more. Therefore, I hope that I can talk to you more and get closer to you in the future because we still have a lot of time. Thank you for loving us for the past 6 years. Please continue to care for us.”


He promised to have closer communication with fans in the future without mentioning the shockingly sudden marriage he announced in August. He also didn’t disclose anything about the birth of his child. In fact, Bobby’s wife is going to give birth to his first child this September.

Earlier on August 20, Bobby uploaded a letter on his SNS, saying: “I promised to marry the person I love, and I’m becoming a father this September. I’m happy to have a new family, but I feel more sorry for fans who would be shocked by my sudden news. I should have told you about this earlier, but I delayed it because I was worried.”

By announcing his marriage and his wife’s pregnancy at the same time without even revealing his romantic relationship beforehand, Bobby drew much of the attention from netizens. However, starting with this live broadcast for his 6th debut anniversary, Bobby is expected to continue his career as a member of iKON.

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