If the visuals of Kpop are royalty: JiSoo is a princess, Mina is a queen?

Knet thinks that Mina (Twice) has a luxurious aura like a queen and Ji Soo (Black Pink) is like the image of the ‘youngest princess’.

On November 23, the topic of Ji Soo (Black Pink) and Mina (Twice) attracted attention on Pann Nate.  The two female idols were praised by Knet for their beauty and charisma like “royal princesses”.  According to many internet users, Ji Soo and Mina are the images that represent the “real-life princess” of the 3rd generation female idol. However, there are many comments that between the two idols, Mina is still suitable for the image of a “queen” while Ji Soo is as pure as the “youngest princess” of an ancient dynasty.

Ji Soo has a beautiful and delicate face with attractive features.  When not smiling, the female idol exudes a dreamy lofty expression, but when smiling, she brings a warm atmosphere.

Black Pink’s visual exudes an innocent aura, matching the image of the youngest princess in the Joseon period. The photo makes Ji Soo look like “the princess waving to her subjects”

Perfect face line, the classic aura of the female idol born in 1995.

Both are praised for their “royal” vibe, but Ji Soo’s charisma is said to be inferior to Mina (Twice). If Ji Soo exudes the adorable beauty of the youngest princess, Mina is like a powerful queen. The Japanese female idol is loved because of her elegant and luxurious temperament.  Knet said that Mina’s real-life image reminds them of the top queen of a kingdom.

Since the promotion of More and More, Mina has been more and more confident and seductive than before.

Mina’s nobility is not only due to her charisma but also from all her gestures, expressions, and personality in real life.

Mina reached the peak of her beauty during the promotion of I can’t stop me.

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