If Jungkook (BTS) wasn’t an idol, he could have been a mukbang star?

That’s actually not a bad idea!

Mukbang is a job where you just need to sit in front of the camera and eat. The main target is to introduce to the audience good food, and help them satisfied their cravings indirectly. Sounds simple, but not everyone can do this! Because you will have to eat a huge amount of food, and must know how to be charming while doing it.

No matter how hard, there’s one male idol who fits so well with this mukbang career. That person is no one else but but BTS’s “Golden Maknae”. Not just a pretty face, Jungkook also know how to charm the audience with his gestures. That’s why every time he eats something, everyone can’t help but crave for his food.

He can even do an ASMR Mukbang (satisfying sounds like noodle slurping sound, or the sound of crunchy food,…)
The male idol knows how to attract his audience’s attention. He bit on the pizza slice slowly to reveal the cheese inside to stimulate the fans’ appetite. Even if you are not hungry, you will be after watching Jungkook’s videos!
With such delicious sounds, anyone would want to eat the same food with him!
He doesn’t forget to create more lively sounds during his meal. Even though fans just watch through the screen, it’s not hard for them to taste the spicy but delicious food he was eating. Jungkook even guided fans how to eat Korean BBQ perfectly.
Such a handsome face with an adorable expression during his meal, no one can resist him! Whatever Jungkook eats, it always seems delicious!
There are still many more delicious eating moments of him…

Jungkook does have the potential to become a true mukbang star, doesn’t he?

Source: tinnhac

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