If Daisy (MOMOLAMD) hadn’t left JYP, she could have debut with TWICE and wouldn’t be bashed for dating Yunhyeong (iKON)

Used to be a trainee of JYP but Daisy left the company before the show “Sixteen” started.

The dating scandal of Yunhyeong (iKON) and Daisy (MOMOLAND) on Vanlentine’s Day has proved a devastating fact that idols from smaller agencies are looked down by bigger fandoms. However, not many people know that she was also a trainee from Big 3, specifically from JYP Ent.

Because MOMOLAND has been through a long time of being a unpopular group, not many fans know that they came from a reality survival show called “Finding MOMOLAND” which was produced by Mnet. The show couldn’t receive the attention of the audience, leading to their failed debut.

During the elimination round, Daisy went to see an old friend who had become an idol to ask for advice while being in a survival show. That friend was Momo from TWICE. This was also when the girl’s training time at JYP was revealed. Specifically, Daisy had even trained together with TWICE and ITZY’s members.

Momo mentally supported Daisy during “Finding MOMOLAND”

However, due to personal reasons, Daisy left the company after a long time of being with them. Unfortunately that she decided to terminate the contract right before “Sixteen” started. If she was a little bit more patient, she would have been a part of TWICE – the hottest girlgroup at the moment.

This was a shame because Daisy’s bright and cute image fits so well with TWICE’s concept. If she was a JYP’s idol, she wouldn’t have been bashed so much when her dating rumour with Yunhyeong (iKON) got out.

Even though her link with JYP has been cut, Daisy still keeps her friendship with TWICE and ITZY’s members. This might be a regret of her career. But with the current success of MOMOLAND, TWICE might not be so much of a regret to Daisy anymore.

Source: tinnhac

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