[theqoo] If BTS takes 1st place for 4 weeks in a row, the Japanese record will finally be broken

Sukiyaki (#1 on Billboard for 3 weeks in a row in 1963)

(It also made a hit in the UK, Australia, and West Germany, and there were many remakes in the West in various versions)

But every time BTS’ Billboard result was reported on a Japanese live stream

‘It’s the first time in Asia since Sakamoto-chan~’ they b*lls*itted like this.

I hope BTS will break that record in Japan this time.

(For reference, the results will come out in the early morning of this week’s Monday~Tuesday)

Source: Theqoo

1. Bangtan <3 <3 <3

2. Let’s goooo

3. You can say it after it’s broken, but doing this before broken seems like a burden to both Bangtan and the fans… 

4. Please break it! I’m annoyed that Japan always talks that shit on every broadcast. Go Bangtan!!

5. Wow I didn’t know this ‘cause I’m not a fan of them but I hope they’ll make 1st place 4 weeksㅜㅜㅜ

6. I’m Bangtan fans but to be precise, Japan’s Sakamoto, Bangtan’s Dynamite, and Bangtan’s Butter are in the same level with 1st place for 3 weeks in Hot 100. So if Butter reaches 4 weeks Bangtan will become the only one.

7. As soon as I play this song, people next to me say they like this song.

The dignity of 3 weeks 1st place ㅋㅋㅋ

Anyway, Butter fighting!!! I love butter 

8. It’s from ‘From Up on Poppy Hill’! I knew the song was really good but Billboard no.1? Anyway I hope Bangtan will break the recordㅋㅋㅋ

10. Japanese would not stand itㅋㅋ

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