Idols who don’t fit with their groups’ concepts

Although these idols don’t fit with the image of the group, they still manage to do a very good job.

An idol group is always driven by a certain concept. Over time, the image of the group may remain or change depending on the public and the ages of the members. However, not everyone is fit for all concepts, there are some members who don’t match the image of the team, as opposed to their different personalities and styles.

Hyoyeon (SNSD)

SNSD is a girl group with various concepts,  and they have tried very hard to refresh their image. In their 10 years of career, SM has always considered carefully the image of the members in the public. In the early days, SNSD debuted with pure and innocent concepts like in “Baby Baby”, “Kissing You”, “Into The New World”, etc.

It can be seen that the one who had to try the hardest for these concepts is Hyoyeon. The female idol’s moves are much stronger than other members as she practiced dancing since she was very young. Hyoyeon’s image is also more unique, so the innocent image does not really fit her.

Instead, Hyoyeon quite fits the girl crush concept. The idol always shines in their later albums and solo productions.

SinB (GFriend)

GFriend is one of the groups that is loyal with a naïve. Having experienced through many comeback seasons, GFriend still maintains the image of the group. Most GFriend members bring pure, pure feeling when it comes to this style. However, it was a big hindrance to SinB, who looked tall, cold and fancy.

This is very clear when SinB joins SM’s project. The idol had a chance to show and experience a new side of herself. SinB’s teaser in “Wow Thing” proved that girlcrush was the best concept for her.

Chaeyoung and Momo (TWICE)

Not many fans know that TWICE debuted with a girl crush concept in the song “Like Ooh-Ahh”. However, the group is now breaking through andtransforming their image into sweet and feminine ones. It seems that Chaeyoung and Momo do not fit in with this image. Both have a beautiful, modern, confident style and sexy image.

There are rumors that Momo was pressured by the company to change her voice to be cuter. Many fans worry that this will affect the idol’s natural voice.


BLACK PINK – The current top girl group is said to be shining with the
girl crush concept. The three members of the group: Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa seem to be born to do girl crush concept thanks to their tall physical and strong personalities.

Except for Jisoo, compared to her 3 younger sisters, Jisoo is quite feminine and gentle. There are many comments said that Jisoo has a SM’s face and is suitable for a group like Red Velvet rather than a girl crush group like BLACK PINK.

Jiho (Oh My Girl)

Oh My Girl‘s muse concept is one of the concepts that not many girl groups can pull off. Almost all of the members of the group are gentle and innocent that are well suited to this image.

Except for Jiho, she received a lot of praise because of her face which is both beautiful and super attractive. Netizens said that Jiho should do the girl crush concept rather than a feminine image.

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