Idols who conquer antifans with diligence and modesty

Good personality and dedication are the golden keys that help idols get the attention of the audience.


In the first 2 years of debut, BTS struggled to find a place in Kpop industry, they used to have a number of anti fans. Fans were annoyed by the name “Bangtan Sonyeondan” (“Bulletproof Boy Scouts“) as they thought this name was … arrogant and ridiculous. The group was also considered a low-key version of Big Bang. The group also suffered a lot of sarcasm from antifans until 2017 when they started achieving success and expanded their popularity internationally.

BTS’s lovely personality is also one of the reasons why they are netizen’s favorite group.

With patience to overcome all difficulties, BTS gradually gained the sympathy of netizens. 7 Big Hit boys finally get the respect from the public thanks to their diligence, humility, and great devotion to fans. Even when they have their names in light, they are still modest and never showing arrogant attitude.

Now no one can consider the group’s success a temporary effect anymore. BTS has own the throne, not only as Kpop stars but also as a global boygroup.


At the time they debuted, TWICE was constantly bashed on many Kpop forums. 9 JYP girls were disqualified and were even called “lipsync dolls”, “upopular music group”, “elementary concept” … TWICE‘s 9-person lineup also made netizen furious as they thought the group was only a copycat of SNSD.

Over time, TWICE’s image is getting better.

The group constantly tried to improve their singing skills to have impressive live performances. Since the promotion of “Knock Knock“, the girls have proved that they are not a useless girl group.

Currently TWICE is the top girl group, with a huge fan base in Korea and Japan. In the speech at MAMA 2018, Ji Hyo still modestly said “the group still has many shortcomings and we will try harder in the future”. Netizens said that because of their conscientiousness, TWICE smashed the preconceived notions and achieved successes.

Yoon Ah

It is not coincident that Yoon Ah (SNSD) was voted by the media as one of the idols with “golden personality” in Kpop. When she debuted with SNSD, she had a lot of antifans. These people think that Yoon Ah was just a beauty without talent and made fun of her weak vocal.

Yoon Ah changed anti fans opinions with her personality and serious working attitude.

Yoon Ah is always aware of the negative reactions and the way she faces them is: always hardworking, professional. Since then, after 11 years of debut, Yoon Ah is a top female idol, favored by the public. When answering the media, SNSD’s member is always humble as if it is the first day she enters the entertainment industry. The audience thinks that she is not only beautiful but also a good-hearted goddess, which is a good example for many generations of Kpop juniors.

Seol Hyun

Seol Hyun (AOA) also suffered from a lot of hatreds from the public. Many people believe that her reputation comes from media play and flattering articles about Suzy‘s “perfect copy of national love” image. Titles like “Suzy and Seol Hyun, who is leading the trend?” or “Seol Hyun is the next National First Love” … That was the reason Seol Hyun received a large amount of anti fans. They think that she has nothing outstanding in talent and appearance to deserve the title “national treasure”.

Seol Hyun collapsed after finishing the performance. Netizen praised her when she tried to complete the performance although she was suffering from a bad flu.

Seol Hyun continued to receive negative reactions as she publicly dated Zico and wore bold outfits. Although Seol Hyun received a lot of hatred she still silently worked and showed her professionalism, humility. She strives to improve herself, perfect her singing, dancing skills and work well with other members in order to maintain AOA. Even when just walking on the stage made her exhausted, Seol Hyun still performed professionally. As a result, Seol Hyun is not an idol who is hated for no reason anymore, she has proved that she is an idol that deserves to be loved by everyone.

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