Idols want to be actors? Improve your skills or Make the audience annoyed!

Lack of experience is a challenge for young artists in their acting career.

Being an idol is not a long-term career because the average length for an idol group is just under 7 years. Therefore, becoming an actor or actress is the best way for them not to forgotten after their group has gone over the edge of glory.

Even currently famous idols still spend their time acting to earn more experience on this field. However, idols are those who are not welcomed the most in movies’ castings by the audience. The reason is that they do not have enough acting experience to express their characters well. Nevertheless, there are more and more idols who start their acting career, which makes many talented actors have less opportunity to develop their strengths.


In 2015, at Korea Drama Award, Chanyeol suddenly received a reputed award – “Best New Actor” which is to honor new actors.Opposite to the happiness of EXO’s members, most of the audience agreed that Chanyeol did not deserve this award which should have been Sungjae (School 2015)’s.

Chanyeol, EXO Next Door
Unnatural acting of Chanyeol in “EXO Next Door”…

This is not an unreasonable response of the audience. Chanyeol’s acting was assessed as inexperienced. From mutual movie projects with his group like “EXO Next Door” to the movie “So I Married With An Antifan”, his acting was assessed as unnatural. Though he was the main actor, he acted like reading the script. Netizens also said that his low voice was just suitable for rapping or singing because it was very annoying in the movie.

Chanyeol , Drama, EXO
…he still had no change in “So I Married With An Antifan”.

The only strength of Chanyeol is that he is handsome and amazingly tall, which makes he looks good in photos. Thanks to the available famousness, his fans kept going to the cinema to “help” his movie from being unsalable. Basically, the movie “So I Married With An Antifan” had no new content. Luckily, Yuan Shanshan’s natural acting and Chanyeol’s huge fans did save the movie revenue.


Unlike Taeyeon who always focuses on singing, Jessica has many passions related to other fields such as acting, fashion, business, etc.

Since she was still a member of SNSD, Jessica participated in some movie projects and received many negative feedbacks from national audience. Among them, “Wild Romance” should be mentioned. Her acting in this movie has been a nightmare for watchers until now.

Jessica, Tiffany, SNSD, drama
A scene that shows Jessica’s unnatural expression

In this movie, Jessica over acted and was very unnatural, which made Korean netizens “throw bricks” on her. Though her character was not the main one, as the movie rating was too bad, the producers had to give her more scenes, which made the audience more and more disappointed.

jessica, snsd, drama, actor
A scene that shows Jessica’s unnatural expression

Her appearance in the movie also disappointed watchers. In the movie, all of her perfect face and elegant personality disappeared. Instead, she showed up with a blur look, overbite, high cheek bones and pointed face, which was not suitable with her character. Her appearance was assessed as suitable with her acting. Since then, Jessica also participated in sone other movie projects, but her acting still had no improvements. The audience think that Jessica just need to focus on singing not acting she totally has no talent in this field.

Victorya (fx)

Besides music projects eith f(x), Victoria is also an actress in China, a entertainment industry that owns many young and talented actors as well as strict audience.

Not long ago, Victoria’s acting was a hot topic for discussion of Chinese netizens. Victoria’s acting scenes that couldn’t be worse made Chinese netizens laugh out loud.

fx, victoria, drama, chinese
Watchers couldn’t know if Victoria was crying or smiling

From her…put legs in the air when fainted away, to unnaturally in panic scenes, Victoria made watchers wonder that how she, as an actress, could act that badly.

fx, victoria, drama, chinese
“When your character fainted away but you still had to show off branded shoes that were sponsored”

Netizens said that without the power of SM, she couldn’t have a main role with lack of experience like that. Moreover, the audience also affirmed that she concentrated too much on her appearance in the movie instead of trying to practice and improve her acting. Though she positively kept participating in movies, Victoria has never assessed as a talented actress right in her country.


If you don’t usually watch her movie, you couldn’t know how inexperienced Suzy’s acting was. Korean netizens unwillingly considered her as an actress because of her title “national first love”, beautiful idol, clean personal life and assiduously participated in movies, not because of her acting.

suzy, drama, actor, miss A
Suzy still needs more improvements and practices

Suzy’s main problem isn’t that she did not do her job well because she always tried her best to express her character, but it is because her unvaried acting.

From her first acting in “Dream High” to “While You Were Sleeping”, Suzy’s acting was the same and couldn’t make watchers excited.
Recently, her emotional expression through the eyes made some progress but she still needs to improve more.

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