Idols have round faces like the full moon

These idols are famous for their beauty with round faces like the full moon in Chuseok, the middle autumn festival of Korea.

The Korean middle autumn festival is just around the corner. This year, a bright full moon can be seen on the day of Chuseok. If you can not see the full moon, just look at the bright faces of these idols.

Dispatch has collected top idols who have round faces like the full moon

She looks so cute with a round face (MAMAMOO’s Solar)
Her face absolutely looks like the full moon
A visual looking like the full moon (BTS’ Jimin)
Look at him
Which moon is this? (Lovelyz’s Ryu Su-jeong)
As beautiful as the moon
His cute found face (SENVENTEEN’s Boo Seung-kwan)
Nothing can be rounder than this
The full moon is here (Red Velvet’s Joy)
The sexy full moon
Happy middle autumn festival (B1A4’s Sandeul)
A cute full moon
A bright smile like the full moon (April’s Lee Jin-sol)
Her cute eyes smile
Her attractive smile (Lovelyz’s Kei)
She is always bright

Source: Dispatch

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