Strange situation: Idol is so handsome that the termites eat up his poster but… leaving the face, it turns out that he is YG’s hidden visual

After reading this story, a series of Kpop fans immediately checked their precious albums and posters.

When the spring comes, the flowers bloom everywhere, but is the sunflower Mino (WINNER) blooming too much?

As a Kpop fan, albums and posters are precious things that belong to idols need to be cherished and protected. Surely every Kpop fans will be heartbroken if one day the poster with the image of their idol are suddenly damaged for some reason.

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On September 14, a strange and equally funny story became viral on Twitter. The thing is, an Indonesian fan of Mino (WINNER) has a lot of posters of him. Going for a while, one day she found out that these precious posters were eaten by … termites. But in a miraculous way, the hateful termites ate everything, leaving only … the handsome face of Mino!

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This story quickly attracted more than 1000 shares because it was so humorous. It was a situation of not knowing whether to cry or laugh, cry because the poster was broken, laugh because luckily, the idol’s beautiful face was still intact.

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Many fans joked that Mino’s handsome face not only shook their hearts, but also shook whole heart of … termites, that’s why they forgave him. However, no one wants their idols posters to be damaged, so after reading this story, Kpop fans immediately checked the precious albums and posters.

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Not in the list of top Kbiz visuals, but Mino is also a hidden visual. Mino has a masculine face, mixed with a bit of elegance. Sometimes he is cool, sometimes he is classy, ​​but when he smiles, he looks like a boyfriend next door.

Sources: kenh14

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