“I wouldn’t want to be in the same photo with him”, the trainees of PRODUCE X101 talked about host Lee Dong Wook

The “PRODUCE X101” trainees said that they would avoid taking a photo with just host Lee Dong Wook after greeting him in the show.

On the past May 3rd, Mnet’s “PRODUCE X101” aired the first episode where they conducted a level test of 101 trainees.

Lee Dong-wook also appeared in this episode as a representative of the nation’s producers. He has shared the first greeting with the trainees.

What about the trainees’ reaction? Of course, they were surprised. The boys were at a loss for words after seeing the host’s superior visual and physique.

The trainees gave exclamations such as “He is the most handsome person I’ve ever seen”, “Wow, that’s amazing”, and “Wow”.

Among them, Kim Dong-bin, a trainee, said, “I shouldn’t say this, but I don’t want to get caught in a photo where there’s just me and him,” meaning that Lee Dong-wook’s visual can outshine each and every one of them.

Lee Dong-wook told the trainees, “I was wondering if I could be here because I’m not a singer.”

“I’ve been a trainee anyway, and I’m here at this position because I think I can fully relate to the longing that you guys are feeling right now,” he continued.

Let’s check out the video.

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