“I want to report you to the police as a criminal”… A famous girl group member suddenly left a fierce warning on SNS

Former Jewelry member Cho Min-ah was furious about Instagram hacking.

Jo Min-ah

Cho Min-ah said on her Instagram on March 10th, “My precious Kang-ho’s private Instagram was hacked. The ID OOO erased all of Kang-ho’s records and wrote ‘a parenting mom who does everything she wants to do’.” At the same time, she posted a photo showing all posts being deleted from her son’s account.

Jo Min-ah

She continued, “No matter how envious you are, how can you do such a terrible thing? How can a normal person delete all the records of someone else’s baby? Each page was such a precious moment. You erased all the traces of time from the moment he was born to the present. This account was created to give as a gift to Kang-ho when he grows up. I feel like my whole world is collapsing.”

She added, “I want to report you to the police as a criminal. I want to find the records of my baby’s 9 months. How can I recover my account?”

In November 2020, Cho Min-ah announced that she and the CEO of a fitness center who is 6 years older than her became a legal couple. Their wedding was held in February last year and they welcomed their first son in June.

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