I.O.I will have an activity plan with “K-CON+album+concert” ’til the end of this year

Group I.O.I have agreed to carry out full-fledged activities from the second half of the year.

According to multiple insiders, on the 29th, I.O.I had reached a final agreement after discussing their reunion after many dismissals and reversals. The agencies have verbally promised a six-month plan that will include album activities and year-end concerts, and they will sign the contract after fine-tuning the details.

What has been going on so far is the plan for KCON in the U.S. in August, the release of an album in September and a year-end concert. Details of the venue, release date and event schedule are still undecided.

According to industry sources, CJENM has been steadily pushing to reunite IOI. This is because it is a group that can fill the void at various events such as KCON and MAMA after Wanna One’s disbandment. KCON is CJENM’s largest K-culture convention in the world, which started in 2012. It is a venue to showcase Korea’s diverse lifestyle content, including K-pop concerts, drama, beauty, fashion and food to overseas fans, declaring the “K-CON’s 1-Million-Audience Age” this year and pushing for a large-scale event. The Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is a global award ceremony hosted by CJENM.

However, the process of coordinating the 11 members’ company schedules was not easy and there were difficulties in reuniting before the final decision is declared. It is said that the reason behind the agreement to reunite was reflected in the opinions of some members of I.O.I members who want to regroup. The members have continued to keep in touch with each other despite being busy with their solo activities, and have been building strong friendships. Earlier this year, several photos of Chungha, Jeong Chae-yeon and Yoo Yeon-jung’s hangout, and photos of Kim So-hye, Choi Yoo-jung, Kim Do-yeon, Kang Mi-na and Yoo Yeon-jung’s close friendship have been revealed to the public.

However, it’s a shame that Somi won’t be able to join them this time. Somi, who delayed her originally announced solo debut on May 1st, is in the process of tuning her final product to show a perfect performance. Although the number of members has decreased, it is expected that the new I.O.I will show an upgraded version with Chungha who is doing extremely well as a solo artist.
I.O.I was a project group from Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 1” in 2016 and disbanded after eight short months of activities in 2017.

Source: nate

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