I.O.I members shed tears on the reunion after 5 years since disband, fans heard the group’s greetings and thought it was a dream

 I.O.I has kept their promise to fans and gathered after 5 years since the group’s disbandment.

 I.O.I is the first generation group to debut from the idol survival show series Produce 101. The group disbanded after their contract expired in 2017, making fans regret. Before disbanding, I.O.I used to promise fans that they would reunite after 5 years.  And as promised, after 5 years of waiting, I.O.I’s fans could finally see the members’ reunion.

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 During the meeting, 9/11 members appeared, Kyulkyung and Mina were absent. Member Jieqiong is currently in China so she could not return, and Mina had schedules. However, with an almost complete lineup, fans could relive the memories of 5 years ago when they saw 9 I.O.I members together.  In particular, I.O.I together said the familiar greetings “Yes, I Love It”, fans felt like they were dreaming.

 The 9 pretty members appeared together, each already has their own career path. Every girl has become much more mature than they were 5 years ago. Kyulkyung in China unexpectedly appeared with other members through a video call.  Nayoung bursted into tears when she saw Jieqiong even through the phone screen.  The members’ friendship seems to still be strong after so many years.

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Fans were both happy and touched seeing I.O.I’s reunion:

 – These girls make me sniffle again.

 – Seeing I.O.I together, it felt like a dream.

 – It’s really touching that the promise 5 years ago has been fulfilled by I.O.I.

 – It would be great if Jieqiong and Mina were there.

 – It’s been 5 years, but the members are still close, love them.

 – The moment Jieqiong appeared was really emotional.

 – Let’s always be happy!

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