I.O.I is discussing about a reunion, Somi will not join

It is likely that I.O.I will have a reunion soon in the future.

According to an insider on the 26th, agencies of I.O.I’s former members recently have a meeting regarding an union for the girls. All agencies of the members were present. Through the meeting, due to the upcoming solo debut in May, Somi’s agency confirmed that she won’t be able to join.

Aside from Somi, it is not yet sure that all members will be able to join. Some agencies haven’t give any definite answer yet due to some internal issues, or the meeting itself still has some unclear parts. However most agencies have agreed on an reunion in fine tune. It is said that CJ and I.O.I related management agency are debating about how to manage the group after the reunion.

I.O.I is a project girlgroup from the survival show “Produce 101” season 1. After their debut on May 4th 2016, they became a big hit before officially disbanded on Jan 29th 2017. After the disbandment, the members have promised through an interview that they will reunite in 5 years which makes the upcoming reunion even more highly-expecting.

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