“I felt like all hope was lost”, the hard past of 16-year-old rookie singer IU

Everyone has a “first time”. So does our favorite vocal IU. Before becoming the widely loved singer of today, she was a 16-year-old rookie who was cursed at right on stage.

IU is the nation’s favorite female singer, but her debut stage was quite different from what we are seeing now. How did IU, a 16-year-old young girl at that time, finished that cruel stage and use it as a stepping stone in order to become the musician of musicians now?

In 2008, 16-year-old IU stepped on stage alone. A petite middle school girl went on stage with a violin orchestra and sang a desperate parting song. IU had her first debut stage in September which is full of male idols’ comeback. Her debut stage, a stage that is called “the start of a legend”, was actually a stage laced with a bitter anecdote.


IU confessed her emotional moment on that stage during her appearance on SBS’s “Strong Heart”. She said, “I arrived at the broadcasting station with excitement for my dream debut stage. However, as soon as I sang the first word of the song, I heard a curse. “Hey, did you even practice?” and “She looks like a pig” started to come from here and there”.


IU said that at that time, the three minutes song had felt too long, “It felt like I had lost all my hope. Regardless of whether I’m popular or not, I thought the audience would listen if I sang,” she said. In fact, IU couldn’t sing the full song of her debut song “Mia” and came down from the stage after singing an edited version of about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Some fans even showed their regret by booing on the broadcast screen.

IU positively accepted that “Mia” experience. She said calmly, “It doesn’t matter even if there’s no cheering at all. Rather, I’m excited if there’s even a small cheering sound”.

IU got the title of “the National Sister” thanks to her track “Good Day” in 2010. In particular, IU succeeded in solidifying her image as a “skilled singer” with a three-octave high note in “Good Day“. IU, who then topped various music and music show charts, has become a star.

Nevertheless, IU always takes care of her fans first, not others. IU said, “In winter that year, only one fan came into the open broadcast. That fangirl did the fan chant alone. Only one voice, but I could hear it even on stage. I almost cried while singing”.

IU recalled the day she won 1st place with “Good Day” and said, “While giving my acceptance speech, I thought of that fan even before my mom and dad. That’s why I teared up while saying ‘Thanks to all the fans who have cheered for me today’.”

IU, who had no goal at first, expressed her affection towards that fan, “Thanks to that friend, I set the goal to become a singer for the first time. I thought I should become a singer who can take care of my fans. If the singer is weak and has no confidence, fans would also feel intimidated looking at each other. I should become a singer who can cheer my fans up.”


Since then, IU has become famous for her kindness as she always takes good care of people around her. Therefore, she has been chosen as the role model by numerous young singers, such as Oh My Girl, MOMOLAND, Kim Se-jeong, Chungha, Kwon Eun-bi, and STAYC. This is just one of many beautiful stories that contribute to IU’s “long-run” career.

Through her appearance on JTBC’s “Hyori’s Homestay”, IU continued to show her friendliness towards the guests who visited the homestay. When a guest opened a shopping mall, IU secretly ordered 400,000 won worth of clothes herself. When this story was revealed, netizens responded with admiration, “As expected from IU”.


Recently, IU sent a surprise coffee truck to the child actress Kim Min-seo, whom she met through the “Pretend that you don’t recognize your favorite star challenge” video on the Youtube channel ODG. Kim Min-seo’s mother also expressed her gratitude towards IU, “Although we met for only a short time, she didn’t forget this relationship. She even took care of my daughter. I felt something much more than the feeling of touching… Minseo also wiped her tears because she was emotional”

In celebration of her 13th anniversary on the 18th of last month, IU drew attention by spreading her good influence in various ways. Together with the brands she is modeling for, IU donated to provide funds and facilities for children, elders who live alone, single-mother families, and medical staff who are working in the pandemic situation.


Meanwhile, IU will release a new digital single “Strawberry Moon” on October 19th. Regarding the new song, which will be released 7 months after “LILAC“, IU has raised expectations by saying, “It is a healing song that when listened to, can help you put away all the heavy thoughts and sadness.”

Source: Nate

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