HyunA’s new profile photo which reminds of her golden days became a hot topic

HyunA showed off her impressive visual.

The agency P-NATION recently released profile photos of HyunA, Psy, E’Dawn and Jesse on its official SNS on the 19th. There were two versions which are monochrome and color versions.

Among them, HyunA was the one who caught everyone’s eyes. The long brown hairstyle matches well with her features and the makeup that was tailored to go with the hair color was also outstanding. Her milky white skin also got a lot more tanned.

HyunA went back and forth between loveliness and sexiness. HyunA posed with her bangs hanging over her face. She showed off her cute charm with an adorable expression.

Her fashion queen vibe is also showing through the photos. In the one where she posed while lifting her hair up, her neckline and collarbone were revealed. In another picture, she looked into the camera with a captivating look in her eyes.

The netizens who saw this photoshoot responded, “She has finally found her way back to the golden time“, “Please keep this style“, “She’s so pretty“, and “It will be nice if she sticks to this style of make-up“.

Meanwhile, HyunA also showed off her still affection for her boyfriend, E’Dawn. She left some comments on E’Dawn’s photos, which was released at the same time with her photos, saying “You are so sexy” and “So good-looking“.

Source: Dispatch

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