HyunA, who was suspected of lip filler, has “white lip” instead of red lip this time

HyunA, who was suspected of plastic surgery after her attempt of trying an over-lip makeup, has unveiled her lips without makeup this time.

HyunA has posted several photos on her personal SNS account on July 8th.

HyunA, who left the country through the 2nd terminal of Incheon International Airport for her schedule in Taiwan on July 5th, was suspected of having cosmetic surgery on her lips. HyunA, who drew attention from fans because of her thicker lips than before, quashed the controversy over her appearance through SNS, saying, “I didn’t put any make-up on my eyes that day and has done an over-lip makeup by drawing to make my lips look fuller. I like both heavy make-up and light make-up and I love trying different things each time. I also like having a lot of chances to change myself throughout the schedule from day to day.”

HyunA recently revealed her white lips with no make-up instead of her red ones. She has uploaded an impressive video where she smiles sheepishly while saying “Go fast~”.

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