HyunA showed off her deadly sexy, “A legendary beauty”

HyunA showed off her deadly charm.

On May 11, HyunA posted a short video on her Instagram.


In the video released, HyunA is staring at the camera while blowing bubble gum.


HyunA, in particular, smiled and closed her eyes when the bubble gum broke, looking a litle bit embarrassed.

Netizens responded by saying, “Wow,” “Sexy queen HyunA” “HyunA…” “I love you” and “So sexy.”

Meanwhile, others also commented, “What is wrong with her?”, “She tried to copy the sexy concepts of foreign girls but she looks so ugly and cheap”, “I thought she put squid sashimi on her tongue”, “She used to be sexy before, but now she looks so cheap”.

Sources: Nate

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