HyunA shed tears, promised to perform unpaid after being moved by DongA University students

Singer HyunA was moved by the sing-along of the audience at DongA University Festival and promised a no-fee performance.

Recently, at the DongA University Festival, singer HyunA appeared and presented a brilliant performance. On this day, HyunA was seen wiping away tears, seemingly moved when the audience sang along to “Bubble Pop” without accompaniment.

Even afterwards, the passionately responding audience kept asking HyunA not to leave when it was time for her to finish the performance and depart.


With a regretful expression, HyunA said that she had to leave, but promised, “I’ll make a promise. I’ll come again next time. I’ll just come without receiving an event fee.”

She also told the audience, “Record it. Record it on video. Take a picture. You have to certify things like this”.

Finally, HyunA once again promised to perform at the festival for free, saying, “I have a lot of money. I’ll just come.”


Later on, HyunA also said as she teared up, “Your hearts are so beautiful that I feel like I have to come back.” Finally, after wiping her eyes, she said she would come anytime if called.

The audience erupted in cheers as HyunA promised to revisit, even making a pinky promise.

Source: Insight

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