HyunA revealed her weight and shared a handwritten letter saying she suffered blood-curdling everyday

HyunA, who terminated the contract with her agency after disclosing her love affair, is actively communicating with fans through social media.

HyunA revealed the picture of her standing on the scale on the afternoon of October 20th. In the photo, her weight was 43.1 kilograms, raising concerns from fans saying: “Be healthy,” “You are underweight when being 1.64m high.”

On October 15th, Cube announced that they and HyunA reached an agreement to terminate her contract. After that, a letter written by HyunA to Shin Dae Nam, Cube’s CEO has been spread widely on the internet. HyunA expressed her regret, saying: ” I found out through news headlines that I was kicked out of the agency. ” She added: ” I don’t know what I did so wrong but all my schedules were canceled since early September. I waited for the final decision to be made by the agency, but two months is a really long time for me to wait. I’d like the agency to make a decision and let me know by October 15th, and would like my contract to end on the best way possible.” She also stressed that she had suffered blood-curdling everyday.

We agreed to terminate the contract with singer HyunA,” the agency said in a statement on October 15th.

HyunA has recently posted many photos showing her love with E’Dawn on instagram since this month.

Don’t worry about me,” she told to the fans in a live broadcast.

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