HyunA is said to be too selfish to publicize dating, PENTAGON might lose more members

After the news of HyunA and E’Dawn (PENTAGON) leaving CUBE Entertainment several weeks ago, some entertainment reporters gathered together to talk about this ‘scandal’ on the “E! Fact” show on V-Live. We can see that this incident has damaged both CUBE Entertainment and PENTAGON, and at the same time, benefited only the media.

According to the reporters, HyunA was too selfish to insist on openly publicizing her dating while the company was trying to deny it. This honest act of HyunA has directly hurt the company, put her boyfriend at risk, and made PENTAGON’s career become more difficult than ever.

At first, they denied it. But then Hyuna admitted that it was true. Everything was a chaos for the whole day. Cube entertainment was caught up in three love scandals already. She was willing to throw away everything for the one she loves. Actually, She was known to be honest that suits Hyuna’s image. If there is a love story, Hyuna doesn’t seem like the type to hide that she has this image that she’ll admit the truth. So I thought, yeah, admitting that is expected of Hyuna.

They also mentioned the fact that HyunA announcing the truth about their relationship just as soon as her company tried to deny it by an announcement was quite fishy.

The news has made a lot of fans start to suspect that PENTAGON might have more internal problems than we already knew, and more members will leave the group in the future.

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