HyunA and E’Dawn’s recent behaviors are repugnant many people

The latest photos of HyunA and E’Dawn made netizens gradually feel offensive and no longer want to support the two as before.

After leaving Cube Entertaiment, HyunA and E’Dawn freely show their love without being banned. The couple is constantly posting photos of their romance on social networks. Although they are loved by many people, the frequency of showing off their love makes netizens get tired.


Recently, HyunA and her boyfriend went to Paris to take a photo shoot for Dazed Korea magazine. Magazine photos are not yet seen, but the backstage photos of the couple are constantly updated by HyunA in Instagram. These images have emerged causing a lot of mixed opinions.

Through this series of behind-the-scenes images, it’s not hard to for netizens to realize that is a well-stocked photo shoot. HyunA and her boyfriend E’Dawn constantly change their outfits and makeup.

In addition to the compliments on sweet love, the two of them also received a few comments saying that HyunA and her boyfriend were showing off too much momentum. Their actions became more offensive in the public eye. Compared to before, it’s clear that HyunA and E’Dawn have lost a lot of popularity. In addition, the “sick makeup” made HyunA and E’Dawn look like drug addicts.


“Looking at the photos of these two people, I just feel like they are two addicts with their lifeless eyes”, “They went to Paris just for taking such pictures? Too wasteful”, ” The artwork that only this couple understands”, ” Looking at behind the scenes photos makes me not want to see the official photo any way”,” What is E’Dawn’s job now? HyunA’s boyfriend? “,” HyunA figured out what to do to revive E’Dawn’s career, or take care of her brother forever?”, netizens commented.

After this new series of photos of HyunA and E’Dawn has been posted online, mixed opinions have been made. And you, what do you think about their showing off love on SNS?

Sources: yan

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