HyunA and E’Dawn practiced couple dance in practice room today

Singers HyunA and E’Dawn’s daily life has been revealed.

HyunA posted two videos on her Instagram on November 21st. She was with her boyfriend, E’Dawn.

They were dressed in comfortable clothes such as padded jumpers and hoodies. They were practicing choreography in the practice room.

When the music began, they showed off their powerful choreography. They kicked out the couch chemi with a falling kick.

HyunA‘s companion, Salt could be seen. It walked past two people who focused on choreography practice.

In the second video, HyunA made a mistake. HyunA fell on the floor when she missed the choreography. E’Dawn smiled at that sight.

Netizens showed responses such as: “Daebak”, “Are you two releasing an album”, “It’s good to see them living happily and lovely together”, “Of course, they are good dancers.”


Source: Dispatch

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