Hyun Young won Best Supporting Actress at Indian Film Festival for Lee Tae-sung’s mother’s work

Actress-MC Hyun Young won the Best Supporting Actress award at the 4th Indian Global Film Festival.

On Nov 5th, Hyun Young expressed her thoughts, “There are things to be grateful for carefully. My movie ‘Thank you for Jajangmyeon’, which dealt with the human rights of the disabled, is receiving awards at many film festivals around the world. It was a work that I worked with with a good heart, and I won the Best Supporting Actress award at the Indian Film Festival. Thank you so much. I will work harder in the future.”

Hyun Young

Starring Hyun Young, Lee Tae-sung, Im Ho, Kim Tae-sung and Lee Hye-in, the warm romance film “Thank you for Jajangmyeon”, which deals with disability, was directed by actor Lee Tae-sung’s mother Park Young-hye and director Shin Sung-hoon. It has been specially invited to various overseas film festivals and has been receiving enthusiastic reviews overseas, including winning 35 awards.

Hyun Young

Source: daum

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