Hyun Bin rumored to take pregnant Son Ye Jin on a vacation

Hyun Bin is revealed to have gone to Jeju recently, but was Son Ye Jin with him?

As recently announced by Son Ye Jin through her Instagram, she and Hyun Bin are currently expecting their first child, 3 months after their “wedding of the century” that took place on March 31st. After the pregnancy news, every update related to the top star couple has been garnering much attention.

hyun bin son ye jin

Earlier this week, a rumor surfaced that Hyun Bin recently took Son Ye Jin to Jeju Island. Specifically, a café in Jeju shared a photo of Hyun Bin’s autograph through its SNS. It was revealed that the actor visited this café and ordered iced Americano. He left an autograph and sweetly wrote a message, “Please be happy”. 

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According to the time written by Hyun Bin under his signature, it can be seen that he just went to Jeju this June. This makes netizens wonder if the expecting parents were having a trip to Jeju to enjoy some relaxed time. 

hyun bin son ye jin

Most fans believe Hyun Bin went to Jeju with Son Ye Jin because Jeju has always been a favorite spot of the actress. She has shared photos of her trip to the island multiple times. However, there are also fans who think Hyun Bin was traveling with his guy friends. Members of Hyun Bin’s group of actor friends, including Jang Dong Gun, often gather in their free time.

hyun bin son ye jin

Meanwhile, 2022 is expected to be a busy year for Hyun Bin with his upcoming movies. After finishing the promotion for “Confidential Assignment 2”, he will start filming for “Harbin”. On the other hand, mother-to-be Son Ye Jin is believed to be focusing on taking care of her health instead of joining new projects. 

Source: SaoStar

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