Hyun Bin first time revealed his father’s opposition at the beginning of his career

Hyun Bin had a very interesting sharing about his first time in the career as an actor.

Recently, when appearing in a promotion program for the campaign that Hyun Bin is representing, the actor has shared his own experiences when he remembered his early career.

Hyun Bin said that when he first started his career, his father has strongly opposed this idea because he thought that the acting career was unstable: “It was a big problem in my life. At first, my father hated acting. He worried a lot because he believed that acting was not suitable in the long run. I think he wants something stable for me.”

The actor recalled that in order to act in a movie, he had to argue with his father: “When I was young, I dreamed of being an actor, but my father’s prejudices about actors were too strong, so I had to do it secretly.”. The actor shared that he had to confront his father, sometimes running away, avoiding after the quarrel because of his decision to follow this career. However, later on, Hyun Bin has gained success in negotiating with his father.

In addition, the actor also shared, “Now, my father has admitted this job. Now, my parents are my strongest supporters, more than anyone else”.

The first movie that introduced Hyun Bin to the audience was ‘Bodyguard’ in 2003, starring a series of famous names at that time such as Cha Seung Won, Im Eun Kyung… Hyun Bin has been the center of attention thanks to his student-like face and natural acting sense. Next, the actor once again impressed the audience with the project ‘Non Stop 4’. Thanks to this role, Hyun Bin entered the ranks of the most anticipated rookies.

Since then, Hyun Bin has continuously shined through many projects such as ‘Ireland’, ‘My Lovely Sam Soon’, ‘Crash Landing On You‘… With his diverse acting ability, his name has spread beyond the land of Korea and received a lot of love from the audience all over the world.

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