Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin are rumored to be liquidating their real assets to prepare for marriage

Rumors of the marriage between Hyun-bin and Son Ye-jin have resurfaced. Speculation is circulating that Hyun Bin’s liquidation of real assets is for his marriage with Son Ye-jin. 

According to a Biz Korea report on the 29th of last month, Hyun Bin purchased a villa on the fifth floor of Mark Hills in Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, for 2.7 billion won in July 2009. He has lived in the villa for 11 years before purchasing and moving to Walkerhill Podoville Penthouse in Acheon-dong, Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do in January. 

hyun bin son ye jin

At the same time, Mark Hills was put up for real estate sale and sold for 4 billion won in July. His market profit is about 1.3 billion won. Some speculated that Hyun Bin may be organizing his real estate assets to prepare for his marriage with Son Ye-jin. On the 17th, YouTube channel Drama Gallery said, “There is speculation that Hyun Bin may have prepared a 415m2 luxury villa penthouse as a newlywed house with Son Ye-jin.” 

He then said, “Since Son Ye-jin has so many real estate assets, there have been rumors that she seems to have sold her house to save tax money.” Son Ye-jin is known as a “10 billion won building owner” who owns a building in Gangnam, Seoul.

hyun bin son ye jin

Netizens who saw this responded, “If the two get married, it’s a win-win situation for both of ” and “I hope they get married soon.”


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