Hyun-ah has to take a CT scan due to a severe fall at the Cheongju University performance

Singer HyunA has accidentally fell down during her stage at a university festival.

HyunA was invited to the Cheongju University Festival on the 30th this month. On stage, she performed a series of her hit songs.

However, it rained heavily on that day, and HyunA fell on the slippery floor while performing “RED“.

HyunA, who got up under the help of the dancers, grabbed the microphone and continued to sing.

Later, HyunA announced her status for her worried fans.

She then posted a post on Instagram on the 31st. “I heard from the doctor at the emergency room that my head CT scan and all the wrist X-rays are normal. Don’t worry! I’m really strong. I’ve only bruised my right eyebrow and my cheek a little bit,” she said, reassuring his fans.

Along with several photos of her current condition.

The released photo showed HyunA’s bruised face which worried fans.

In another video, she showed the prescription drug and said, “I have done it spectacularly for this last event.

HyunA then said to calm down her fans: “Doctor said I’ll be okay after three days of taking medicine. Don’t worry. I’m sorry to have worried you guys.

HyunA uploaded this video with the caption: “#CheongjuUniv. Even if it’s slippery and I fell, I still have to perform, right”

Source: Dispatch

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