Hyun Ah and Tae Yeon raise controversy when showing off their lingerie on Instagram

The sexy image of the two idols is praised by international fans but the Korean netizens think it is too offensive.

Hyun Ah is famous for her rebellious and sexy image and she is not afraid to show off sensitive photos on Instagram. On April 3, the singer posted a picture wearing only lingerie, showing off her breasts. These images quickly became controversial topics on social networks.

Hyun Ah is constantly making everyone shocked by her bold image.

The Korean netizens said that if Hyun Ah wears a bikini or a sports bra, it will look “more favorable” and not too revealing. However, the singer only wears her underwear. Nate’s readers even suspected that she was using recreational drugs when posting these photos on social networks.

Some people commented: ” She looks so cheap”, “Since dating with E’Dawn, her looks are getting more and more strange, is she on drugs?”, “Her boobs are fake”, “It’s not cool at all”, “Am I the only one who thinks she should go through a test on using drugs?”, “It doesn’t look sexy at all” …

Netizens criticize the singer to be “cheap” when she shows off her lingerie.

However, Hyun Ah doesn’t seem to care about the netizen’s criticisms. She still confidently showed off pictures taken in revealing clothes and sexy, rebellious posing.

Coincidently, on April 4, Tae Yeon also made the public feel shocked with a photo showing her underwear on her SNS. The leader of SNSD poses on a bed, showing off her grey ombre hair color. The female singer chose a bra in the matching color of the hair, and her breasts became the highlight of the whole picture. In the eyes of her fans, Tae Yeon is so cool, but for Korean netizens, she is just trying to attract attention.

Tae Yeon is also shocking with sexy images on her personal page.

The Nate users commented: “Her hands are deliberately squeezing her breast but she failed“, “Tae Yeon and Hyun Ah are addicted to the attention”, “What’s wrong with Tae Yeon?” …

Tae Yeon and Hyun Ah are both famous for their strong girl crush image. After more than 10 years of working in Kpop, they no longer care about criticism and overstatement from the netizens. Both are confident of showing a bold and mature image on their personal pages. Tae Yeon and Hyun Ah’s photos were praised by international fans.

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