Hyoyeon’s way of promoting her solo song has piqued the interest of netizens

With an interesting way of promoting, SNSD Hyoyeon’s newly released song quickly attracted the public’s attention.

On August 9, Hyoyeon (SNSD) made her comeback in the Kpop market with MV Second. The song has a bright color and is full of the summer vibe, as it is a combination of SM’s “dancing machine” and rapper BIBI.

The “Second-dance-challenge”, in particular, went viral on TikTok. And of course, SM had ‘provided’ several high-quality “cameos” for the female idol. Everyone, from President Lee So Man to artists, must take up her challenge!

Recently, 3 NCT members also took on Hyoyeon’s challenge.


🤍,🤍 #SecondChallenge with @official_wayv #ten #yangyang #kun #hyo

♬ Second – HYO

While Ten, Kun, and Yangyang were all focused on the challenge, Hyoyeon fell asleep right behind them.

Earlier, aespa, Taeyeon, or Super Junior – D&E (Donghae, Eunhyuk) also took part in Hyoyeon’s attractive challenge. However, instead of joining the others, the SNSD member only sat and had delicious meals.


우리회사의 미래 에스파파 아니죠 에스파죠💫#SecondChallenge #세컨드챌린지 #aespa #에스파 #hyo #효연

♬ Second – HYO

울 동해,은혁오빠🤗💗,내 몹쓸연기🙈 #SecondChallenge #세컨드챌린지 #은혁 #동해 #hyo

♬ Second – HYO


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