Hyoyeon (SNSD) picked 5 best dancers from the 3rd generation of Kpop groups

As one of the 2nd generation “dance machines”, Hyoyeon (SNSD) recently selected the best dancers of the 3rd generation.

On August 9, Hyoyeon (SNSD) officially comeback with MV ‘Second’. She had opened a live stream to introduce her new product and shared stories related to it. Hyoyeon received a question, “Which idol has the best dancing ability in Kpop?” in the live stream. As a popular “dancing machine” of the 2nd generation K-pop idols, Hyoyeon quickly got her own answer.

Hyoyeon (SNSD) picked 5 idols from the 3rd generation of Kpop groups that have the best dancing skills

Regarding male idols who have excellent dancing skills, Hyoyeon named two idols from SM Entertainment: Kai (EXO) and Taemin (SHINee). Especially with Kai, Hyoyeon confirmed that she has talked about excellent dancing skills many times.

Of all the female idols, Hyoyeon gave 3 outstanding names: Lisa (BLACKPINK), Momo (TWICE), and Chungha. She praised the amazing dancing skills of these 3 young female idols. Previously, Hyoyeon also expressed her desire to collaborate with Momo because she looks really great when dancing.

The names that Hyoyeon has chosen are all “dance machines” of the 3rd generation K-pop idols. With a judgment from a professional idol and famous for dancing skills like Hyoyeon, the talents of the above 5 names have once again been consolidated.

About Hyoyeon’s MV ‘Second,’ this is a vibrant summer pop-dance song that is highly suitable for this summer. Of course, the signature dance skills of SNSD’s main dancer are indispensable.


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