HYNN was overwhelmed with joy after attending “The ODD Of LOVE” concert 

Singer HYNN (Park Hye Won) expressed her feelings after attending Taeyeon’s concert.

On June 5th, singer HYNN (Park Hye Won) shared a photo taken of herself and Taeyeon after “The ODD Of LOVE” concert. The accompanying text reads, “It’s such a miraculous day!!!” 


She proceeded to thank Taeyeon, saying, “I always wanted to tell you that I was happy listening to Taeyeon’s music, but I was a fool who I couldn’t say anything when I met her in person.”

Nonetheless, HYNN said, “Still not recovered from the concert hangover” and posted a video of herself singing at a karaoke room with a cheering stick. 


Meanwhile, HYNN (Park Hye-won) is known and loved for songs such as “The Lonely Bloom Stands Alone,” “Bad Love,” and “When I tell you goodbye.” She has also been active with the 12-member project group WSG Wannabe.

Source: Naver 

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