Hyeri confessing towards Ryu Junyeol “Thank you so much”

Actress Hyeri, a former member of Girl’s Day, mentioned her boyfriend, Ryu Jun-yeol.

Hyeri confessing towards Ryu Junyeol "Thank you so much"

Hyeri recently conducted a video interview with a magazine about the tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama “My roommate is Gumiho”. Hyeri, who played the role of Lee Dam, a lady who has not fallen in love before in the film, said, “There are many single people around me. Lee Dam probably didn’t know the good things about dating. To express this part, I asked the single people around me reasons why” she said. 

Hyeri said that she received a lot of help from people around her as it was her first romantic-comedy film. In particular, she also expressed thanks to Ryu Jun-yeol, who has been in a public relationship with her since August 2017. Hyeri laughed and briefly mentioned, “Thank you (Ryu Jun-yeol) so much for monitoring every episode, without missing a single one.”

In addition, she expressed her gratitude to BLACKPINK Rosé, they are known for their close friendship. She said, “When I was in hard times, I shared a lot with Rosé. She is a receptive friend. It was my birthday not too long ago, and she surprisingly came to the filming site and congratulated me. Especially when I was filming, it was either too cold or too hot. But I was so happy that I completely forgot about the heat.” she added. 

She also talked about Girl’s Day. Hyeri said, “I think it’s difficult to give a definite answer. What I want to say for certain is that amongst ourselves, we always reminisce about and look back longingly on our memories (as Girl’s Day). That time was so vivid and memorable. I am so happy to have members with whom I can share memories.” Then “Currently, all the members are taking steps in filming. I’m happy to see them actively promoting. When we meet, we will talk about acting the most. We also share with each other what we have learned from the seniors and monitor each other. They can rely on me because I am very honest.”- she expressed.

Source: Hankookibol

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