Hye Mi, who withdrew from Blackswan due to her marriage, is now getting divorced

It was confirmed that Hye Mi (Kim Hye Mi, 26 years old), who got married during Blackswan’s activities and later withdrew from the group, has recently filed for divorce from her husband.

According to a legal officer, A, a 30-year-old man, filed a divorce complaint against Hye Mi with the Euijeongbu District Court. A’s side said that Hye Mi got married to A in June last year. The couple had lived together for more than a year before the divorce lawsuit was filed earlier this month. Therefore, A claimed that Hye Mi must take responsibility for the breakdown of their marriage.

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In a telephone interview with SBS Entertainment News, A’s legal representative, Lawyer Seon Jong Moon said, “It is true that we are proceeding a divorce lawsuit”, however, he refused to explain more details about the divorce process.

During the lawsuit process, it was revealed for the first time that Hye Mi had secretly got married after she debuted in a multi-national group called Blackswan in October last year.

Yoon Deung Ryong, CEO of DR Music, Hye Mi’s former company, said, “Our company’s contract with Hye Mi had ended; therefore, we couldn’t contact her”. He added, “It’s the first time that I heard about Hye Mi’s marriage and divorce. If I had known that earlier, I wouldn’t have let her join Blackswan. However, Hye Mi didn’t cause any damage to our company.”

In November last year, Hye Mi was accused of fraud by B, a 30-year-old officer. Then she announced her sudden withdrawal from the group amid the scandal. Meanwhile, Blackswan had to continue their schedules without her.

In addition, in 2015, Hye Mi debuted in a group named Lania and worked as a singer and a BJ.

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