Hwasa once again caused controversies with her revealing outfit at Gayo Daejeon

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa’s stage outfit is again at the center of the issue.

MAMAMOO reportedly staged the 2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon at Gocheok Sky Dome on December 25th. There they performed “Starry Night” and “Wind Flower” live and showed their potential with “Trust Mamoo.”

However, the members’ outfit is more talked about than their live performance. On the same day, the artist appeared on stage in an outfit reminiscent of lingerie. Short hot pants like underwear, see-through corsets, and garter belts have maximized their sexiness.

At Mnet ‘2018 MAMA FANS’ CHOICE in Super Arena in Saitama, Japan on the 12th, Hwasa was in a controversy over her costume that reminded people of a swimsuit.

The sparkling jumpsuit has captured the eye of people at the spot with its unexpected design reminiscent of a swimsuit. It was an outfit that made Hwasa’s sensual body even more bold by exposing the hip line.

The controversy has heated up online for several days, with critics pointing out “It’s too much” and advocating “It is cool.”

The online community is heating up again as at the year-end stage that followed “MAMA” Hwasa once again wore a revealing outfit again.

Here are some opinions of netizens:
[+2463, -240] It’s because many watch this year-end event with their family. Hwasa would have been still cool if she had worn nonrevealing outfits.

[+2077, -468] If Hwasa does it, it’s girlcrush. If IU does it, it’s loli. If Sungso does it, it’s sexualized. According to the standard set by each gender, the shackles of women are made by women. They say they will actively use her body with the right to decide on her sexuality, but another woman is victimized by selective empathy.

[+1597, -362] She is talented, she doesn’t have to do this kind of thing. As a woman that’s what I think.

[+903, -376] I f*cking hate it

[+725, -288] Attention seeker?

Sources: Naver

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