Hwasa exudes luxury presence for a  breast cancer charity campaign

Hwasa, a member of girl group MAMAMOO, caught eyes with a pictorial full of bold poses and unique patterns. 

Recently, a pictorial featuring Hwasa attending the charity event “LOVE YOUR W” for breast cancer awareness, was released through W Korea. In the pictorial, Hwasa perfectly flaunted an outfit with an impressive new pattern from a luxury fashion brand. 


The “LOVE YOUR W” campaign is a charity event that started in 2006, which aims to raise social awareness about breast cancer and create a charity fund to support free breast cancer screenings and assist low-income families with surgery and treatment expenses. Through the campaign, the dangers of breast cancer, a disease in which early detection is absolutely important, and the need for screening is publicized. At the same time, it also delivers donations to people and places in need through the Korea Breast Cancer Foundation. 


Through participation in this charity campaign, artists and brands alike took a conscious step based on their commitment to making a positive difference for the planet Earth and all life on it.

Source: Naver

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