“Human Pantone” BTS Jimin, the male idol who rocks pink hair the best

BTS Jimin was selected as the male idol who rocks pink hair the best, proving his popularity.

Jimin ranked first with 42,630 votes out of a total of 78,277 votes in the survey “Which male idol rocks pink hair the best?” conducted by the global K-pop & K-culture platform “Kooky“.

BTS Jimin

Jimin, who has transformed into a variety of hair colors from pink, gold, red, blue, purple and rainbow since his debut, has been called “Human Pantone” and “Gwanggaeto Palette” by perfectly digesting them with his own aura.

BTS Jimin

Jimin, who is called the live-action version of “Prince Eric” in the fairy tale, has clear white skin and thick red lips that create a perfect harmony with pink hair color. Due to Jimin’s lovely charm, it is such a popular hair color that you can see numerous photos if you search for “Pink Jimin” on the portal search site.

BTS Jimin

In particular, the famous American singer and rapper “Doja Cat”, who won “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” at the 64th Grammy Awards, is known to have been inspired by Jimin’s pink hair color for her hairstyle shown in the “Get into it (Yuh)” music video, confirming Jimin’s status.

Jimin’s hair color and style, which he will show ahead of comebacks and concerts, have always been one of the public’s interests. When he left for “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA” in November last year, his bleached hair that was caught under the beanie attracted a lot of attention. During the comeback with the 4th full album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”, Jimin’s dark blue hair was highly praised by the American fashion media outlets StyleCaster and Yahoo Lifestyle as “Midnight Blue Prince”.

Jimin’s unconventional rainbow hair, which was introduced in the first teaser photo of “Butter” released in May last year, occupied Twitter’s worldwide real-time trend at that time and was selected as BTS‘ best fashion in 2021, giving Jimin another modifier called “Rainbow Charisma”.

Jimin, who shows thorough self-management even in the 10th year since his debut, has a slim yet solid body with perfect proportions, a mysterious visual that combines Eastern and Western beauty, and a sensual fashion sense that breaks away from gender and stereotypes. He is firmly strengthening his reputation as a “global fashion icon”.

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