Huge crowds of BTS fans are waiting in front of Tokyo Dome right now

BTS also captivated Japanese fans. They also proved to be a solid fan base despite some right-wing disputes.

BTS will start their “Love Yourself” tour in Japan on November 13th. The first destination is Tokyo Dome.

If you look at the photos released through various social networks, you can see that BTS fans have been lined up from dawn. Especially, there was a long line waiting right in front of Tokyo Dome.

This proves that the “anti-Japanese activities” by some Japanese media have not shaken fans. Young women made up the majority, but there were also male fans and middle-aged fans.

Japanese charts also showed their popularity. In the Japan Oricon Weekly Singles Chart (11/5~11), BTS ranked first in the weekly singles chart with the ninth single “Fake Love/Airplane pt.2”, winning with 45,829 points.

They were the first overseas artists to reach over 400,000 points in the first week of their release in the Oricon chart. They also topped the Daily Singles chart on the first day of their release.

Meanwhile,BTS will hold a Tokyo Dome concert from 6 p.m. After finishing Tokyo performance by the 14th, they will hold a tour of Japan in Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

Source: Dispatch

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