Huening Bahiyyih’s family revealed she was well aware of the controversy and negativity during Girls Planet 999

Following the fierce controversy over the finale of Girls Planet 999, particularly regarding Huening Bahiyyih, a family member of the female trainee has recently spoken out on social media. 

In the finale of the survival show “Girls Planet 999“, Huening Bahiyyih was the contestant with the 2nd highest votes and thereby earned a position in the final debut lineup. However, Bahiyyih’s talent and rank are still embroiled in an ongoing controversy after the show wrapped up. Bahiyyih’s fans even had to ask Play M – her management agency to deal with numerous malicious comments targeting her on Twitter.

Huening Bahiyyih

Recently, Huening Bahiyyih’s uncle Vincent Huening opened up about the female idol’s situation through direct messages with a fan on Facebook as follows: “Bahiyyih knew about the controversy and the negativity during GP999. Bahiyyih is a positive person, so the negative comments didn’t break her confidence. People pouring their anger on Bahiyyih will not have a genuine effect on her career, when the numbers already speak for themselves. I know it feels awful to think that Bahiyyih or her siblings’ (Kai, Lea) feelings will be hurt, but all three of them are confident in their abilities and talents.”

Huening Bahiyyih

Meanwhile, girl group Kep1er consisting of 9 winning contestants on “Girls Planet 999” is scheduled to debut in December this year under the management of WAKEONE Entertainment. Previously, the company asked fans to submit any evidence related to malicious or defamatory comments to the company’s address for legal action.


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