Huening Bahiyyih receives negative comments for getting the fame from her brother Huening Kai

Competing on “Girls Planet 999”, Huening Kai’s (TXT) sister Huening Bahiyyih is facing criticism because netizens believe she is only famous thanks to her brother.

In the fast-paced growth of the Korean music market, there are more and more new idols debuting. Many of them quickly gain the public’s interest, but there are also some who have been criticized since they were trainees.

Huening Bahiyyih – younger sister of Huening Kai – a TXT member is one of them. This is because over the time, she has still not been able to convince viewers with her talent on the survival show Girls Planet 999. Not only Bahiyyih, netizens have also questioned her brother’s talent and whether or not he only gets fame from BTS.

Specifically, in the recent episode of Girls Planet 999, Huening Bahiyyih ranked 25th. At the same time, her fancam achieved the highest number of views, about 920,000 views after only 15 hours. This shows that the possibility that Bahiyyih will debut in the final lineup is very high.

However, this has annoyed most netizens. The female trainee is claimed to be completely incompetent to receive that much support. Netizens also suspect that her current popularity is only thanks to her brother being a member of the boy group TXT.

Despite being a Korean-American, the mixed race visual did not help Huening Bahiyyih stand out from the other contestants. On the contrary, she ended up getting more negative comments. Perhaps this is the first time a mixed race visual is not well received by the public. Some top comments from netizens are:

 -Her face is not the idol type. It’s just a typical face of a foreigner.

 – I knew she would debut thanks to her brother. What if she ranked 5th?

 – She seriously has nothing except a popular brother. 

 – Her skills are really bad: She can’t rap, her vocals are average (worse than many other contestants), nothing special about her dance.

Controversies over Bahiyyih’s talent have brought along the story about her brother. Immediately after debuting as a member of TXT, Huening Kai impressed Kpop fans with his prince-like mixed race visual. However, the skills of the male idol and his group members are not appreciated by netizens. Many netizens also believe that TXT’s current success is only thanks to the fact that they are BTS’s juniors. 

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