Huang Zitao had an extremely harsh post: dissing President Donald Trump as ‘stupid’

Former EXO member’s exasperation with the US President has received a lot of supportive comments from netizens.

Recently, a video of US President Donald Trump has become a hot topic among Chinese netizens.  In the video, the White House’s leader affirmed that the United States is more active than any other country when it comes to testing the coronavirus.

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A Chinese CBS’s reporter named Jiang asked the question: “The pandemic situation in the US has not been controlled, why is this a global competition to you when, every day, Americans are still losing their lives?”

The US president responded, “People are losing their lives everywhere in the world. And maybe that’s a question you should ask China. Don’t ask me.”  According to Mr. Trump, this is a question that extremely annoys him, his answer also implies that China is the country that makes the whole world fall into the current state of frustrating pandemic and economic downfall. 

Recently, the male idol Huang Zitao shared the link of this video, expressing his irritation with the harsh caption: “You should ask China? You’re an idiot yourself and you dared to mention China? You moron.” (profanity removed).  Currently, the above post has been taken down from the former EXO member’s Weibo.

President Donal Trump is one of the most hated public figures in the billion-populated country due to his economic policies. Netizens commented, “Ha ha, as expected of Huang Zitao who is always straightforward, he says what he thinks. I like listening to him cursing other people”, “A strong and real patriot, I support you “, etc.

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