Huang Zi Tao got called out once again by Chinese netizens for using EXO’s name

Used to be an EXO member but ended up leaving the group, Huang Zi Tao is back with another controversial action regarding his former team.

On a recent livestream, Huang Zi Tao upset many fans by using EXO’s name again to gain attention. During his stream, he was wearing a padded jacket with the number 69 on his neck. He then pointed to that number, looked straight into the camera and said: “When I first debuted, my number in my old group was 68. I will never forget the burning heart I’ve had since day 1.”

Huang Zitao
The number 68 holds a lot of meaning for Huang Zi Tao.

Immediately, Chinese netizens react to what Huang Zi Tao said, “You need attention that much, Huang Zi Tao?”, “Are you lacking fame or something?”, “He keeps on mentioning EXO, did you even think about them that much when you were still in the group?”, “I don’t think he’s wrong, he doesn’t deny his past thou”, “Please stop mentioning EXO”, “Every time he goes on live, I just know there will be a new problem from him”…

In the past, after Huang Zi Tao, along with Luhan and Wu Yi Fan left EXO, they were, and is still, surrounded by scandals and accusations. Before his controversial live streaming this time, Huang Zi Tao had been criticized for using private photos taken when he was still an EXO member to promote his new song.

Huang Zi Tao even confessed to IU right on stream, which was quite weird: “I can watch her all day, not just as a fan, I really think she could be my girlfriend. I love her so much, there’s no way”.

Huang Zitao
And EXO to gain attention every time he did a live streaming or about to release a new song.


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